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Taxation - Federal and State



Mark J Burger CPA spends significant time working with individuals and businesses that have established themselves in their career and industry. Individuals and businesses have different CPA needs; a common thread is looking to become more profitable by controlling costs while retaining and enhancing their wealth. These clients require the services of a CPA that has the knowledge and experience to quickly understand their current situation and provide guidance on various topics and business operations.

Communication is critical; therefore, the need for an attentive and honest CPA is critical for success. As a business evolves and responds to growth and other specific economic situations, a flexible, understanding, and experienced CPA is essential. Mark J Burger CPA can provide the services necessary for a business or individual to meet their goals and objectives in an ever-changing economic climate.

All taxpayers have unique needs from their CPA because very few tax returns are the same. In fact, many have unique consequences, which require special attention and knowledge. Mark J Burger CPA has earned this knowledge through years of experience and a diversified client base.

Tax Returns

Mark J Burger CPA specializes in the preparation of federal and state income and property tax returns. This would include the federal and state returns of the affiliated groups and related owners and managers. 

Tax Controversies and IRS Matters

With the federal government redirecting Department of Treasury resources to taxpayers that we consider established business and the related families and individuals. Mark J Burger CPA has significant experience working with clients to, in most cases, receive favorable results when dealing with IRS Matters and State Tax Controversies.

Tax Research and Planning

With the ever-changing tax laws and the constant flow of activities of clients, Mark J Burger CPA has developed the skills to research difficult and complex transactions and provide guidance with structuring transactions to minimize related taxes.

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation studies can be a valuable tool to defer the payment of taxes and enhance the rate of return on a project. Mark J Burger CPA can perform an honest study based on solid engineering and knowledge of the tax code. 

Start-up / Entrepreneurial Service

Mark J Burger CPA can help you get your small business up and running through valuable advice and direction. There is essential knowledge and expertise about business structure, financing, operations, and tax strategy that Mark J Burger CPA can provide.

Technology R&D

As a business involved in the research and development of new technologies, it is invaluable to understand the tax incentives and benefits under the tax code. Mark J Burger CPA can assist with the gathering of the relevant information and give honest advice to obtain the most tax incentives and benefits to any qualifying business.