Mark J Burger CPA
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Mark J Burger CPA spends significant time working with businesses that have established themselves in their industry and are looking to become more profitable by controlling costs while retaining and enhancing their workforce. These clients require the services of a CPA that has the knowledge and experience to quickly understand their current situation and provide guidance on various topics and business operations.

Communication is critical; therefore the need for an attentive and honest CPA is critical for success. As a business evolves and responds to growth and other specific economic situations, a flexible, understanding, and experienced CPA is essential. Mark J Burger CPA can provide the services necessary for a business to meet their goals and objectives in an ever-changing economic climate.

All businesses have unique needs from their CPA because very few tax returns are the same. In fact, many have unique consequences, which require special attention and knowledge. Mark J Burger CPA has earned this knowledge through years of experience and a diversified client base.

Business Consulting, Mergers, Sales and Acquisitions

Mark J Burger CPA possesses the knowledge to think creatively in order to promote the growth and stability of a clients’ business.

Acquiring new business cannot be possible without a careful analysis of the proposed venture from a financial and operational point of view. Mark J Burger CPA provides quality due diligence on proposed targets and provides input on structures.

Before you purchase a business, someone has to take a look under the hood. Mark J Burger CPA can find operational and financial deficiencies in a business to help establish adjustments to the operating statements, which can impact the purchase price. After the adjustments are identified, Mark J Burger CPA can aid in developing solutions either before the business is placed on the market, or once the acquisition is completed.


Mark J Burger CPA can increase efficiency by outsourcing payroll administration and other HR responsibilities. This can provide a valuable and positive impact on the bottom line of a company by reducing operating risk. Some Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have a deep understanding on how to effectively support their co-employer workforce and bring profitable results to their organizations. Mark J Burger CPA has years of experience with PEO’s and can help clients manage their relationship and contract with PEO’s.Internet Based Businesses

As the states continue to look for revenue, businesses have to stay informed and ready to react to the changing landscape. Mark J Burger CPA gives quality and honest advice when planning a strategy in regards to multi-state tax exposures.


Manufacturing and Distribution

Mark J Burger CPA can be a valuable asset in an industry with many factors impacting the ability to be an effective and efficient manufacturer or distributor. Mark J Burger has the experience to understand tax incentives and operations that can contribute to steady growth and profits.


Real Estate and Development

Dealings with real estate can be time consuming, drawn out, and unnecessarily complex. With an attentive and experienced advisor such as Mark J Burger CPA, the tax and accounting procedures become routine. The business owners can focus on what they do best – operations, development, and sales.


Restaurant and Entertainment

A good restaurant generates a lot of cash and owners need to make sure all of it is accounted for. Mark J Burger CPA has experience within the hospitality industry. Mark J Burger CPA can answer the difficult questions facing a business with a honest response backed by years of experience.


Special Projects and Niche Development

Sometimes there is a need for someone with analytical skills to evaluate a project, or aid in the development of projected financial statements and budgets. Mark J Burger CPA has vast experience in business and industry allowing for quality, creative, and valuable solutions.


Wholesale and Retail Sales

When embarking on a retail or wholesale venture an owner may have many questions about bookkeeping, cost analysis, inventory, and taxation. Mark J Burger CPA understands the quick changing and complex nature of the wholesale and retail industries. The experience and value Mark J Burger CPA can offer can be a crucial asset to any individual or family business.