Mark J Burger CPA spends a significant amount of time working with individuals that have established themselves in their business and careers. The fact is that everyone has different CPA needs; no two returns are the same. Many have unique consequences, which require special attention and knowledge; that is earned through years of experience and a diversified client base.

All clients require the services of an honest CPA that has the knowledge and experience to quickly understand their current situation and provide guidance on ways to reduce costs and enhance the return on their accumulated assets and activities. These individuals necessitate open and attentive communication to grow their assets and meet their goals. Mark J Burger CPA understands these needs and works to support their goals with attentiveness, quality, and experience.

Tax returns
Mark J Burger CPA specializes in the preparation of federal and state income and property tax returns. This would include the federal and state returns of the family members as well as the returns for any funded trusts and operating businesses.

Tax Controversies and IRS Matters
With the federal government redirecting Department of Treasury resources to taxpayers that we consider established families and individuals. Mark J Burger CPA has significant experience working with clients to, in most cases, receive favorable results when dealing with IRS Matters and State Tax Controversies.

Tax Research and Planning
With the ever-changing tax laws and the constant flow of activities of clients, Mark J Burger CPA has developed the skills to research difficult and complex transactions and provide guidance with structuring transactions to minimize related taxes.

Personal and business financial goals dictate transactions.
Mark J Burger CPA uses their expertise to navigate the tax regulations while structuring transactions to reduce a client’s tax obligation.

Business Office Operations
There is always a need to maintain accurate information about various business activities. Mark J Burger CPA is able to establish procedures to accurately capture the information from the various sources to provide timely and accurate financial information to aid in decisions.

Retaining Personal Financial Wealth
One of the key tools to retaining and growing wealth is having the knowledge of how and where money is spent. Over the years the clients that have accumulated real wealth understand and control their spending so that their money is used to purchase assets that grow or retain their value. Mark J Burger CPA provides timely and accurate information allowing clients to understand their purchase decision and have information to modify decisions if required to meet goals.