The Northern Palm Beach county area is a rapidly growing center for Bio Technology and Aerospace research and development. Mark J Burger CPA specializes in working with all types of businesses and organizations in these fields. From the inception of a business plan built around a potential product to the accounting and human resource needs required of a rapidly growing business, Mark J Burger CPA helps businesses achieve smooth and steady growth.

Business and Operational Advice
Sometimes science and business come together requiring the services of a CPA to assist with the organizing of an accounting system that captures the relevant financial information related to a product or business. Mark J Burger CPA provides advice related to how to control the rising risks and costs of a growing workforce.

Incentive Tax Credits and Training Grants
One of the key sources of growth of a business is access to capital. Business owners look for capital in many areas, an under utilized area is incentives provided within the tax system. Understanding an industry allows Mark J Burger CPA to spend additional time working with the incentive tax provisions within the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, knowledge of various local organizations, allows Mark J Burger CPA to direct clients to training grants focused on hiring and training employees.

Business Decision Analysis
Sometimes the hardest part of making a decision is assembling the information to make the decision. Mark J Burger CPA works with their clients regularly to develop a system to gather their financial information in real time to make sound decisions.