Mark J Burger CPA can increase efficiency by outsourcing payroll administration and other HR responsibilities. This can provide a valuable and positive impact on the bottom line of a company by reducing operating risk. Some Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have a deep understanding on how to effectively support their co-employer workforce and bring profitable results to their organizations. Mark J Burger CPA has years of experience with PEO’s and can help clients manage their relationship and contract with PEO’s.

Establishing current costs of Workforce.
Mark J Burger CPA will analyze a business’ information to determine their direct and indirect employee costs. This information is used to establish a benchmark to compare that company within the PEO industry costs structure. This analysis will determine what you are currently spending on your HR responsibilities.

Evaluating Co-Employment Opportunities
Mark J Burger CPA takes a business’ information and requests two to three separate yet reputable PEO proposals to enter into a co-employment relationship. Once the responses are received and carefully analyzed to determine what economic impact each PEO will have on your company. Mark J Burger CPA provides the industry knowledge and expertise to complete these evaluations.

Management of PEO Relationship
Mark J Burger CPA is not tied to any PEO company; therefore it is possible to determine which PEO is best for each company’s unique needs. Work with clients to negotiate the best possible relationship with the selected PEO and to assist with any issues that may develope. Mark J Burger CPA will be an advocate analyzing these services annually, semi-annual, quarterly, or at your request.