The Healthcare industry can be complicated by insurance agencies, government regulations, and internal staffing issues, Mark J Burger CPA can help balance all these factors and allow more time for the care of patients. As regulations change and the needs of an office grow the attentive and honest advice offered by Mark J Burger CPA can be invaluable guidance.

Mark J Burger CPA has experience and a strong understanding of the healthcare third party reimbursement system. It is equally critical to have strong internal controls over accounts receivable, cash receipts, quality management of receivables, and related practice overhead. Allow Mark J Burger CPA to increase the value of the practice by letting doctors and professionals spend more time treating patients.

Managing Fee Schedules
Understanding the third party reimbursement system that most healthcare organizations operate under is critical to success in the healthcare industry. Mark J Burger CPA assists clients with managing their fee schedules by understanding the reimbursement patterns of the practice.

Business Process and Operations Review
The Healthcare industry has created one of the most difficult systems of business operations in America. The third-party reimbursement systems and management of accounts receivable mandate a strong system of controls to ensure that the cash is making it into the bank and that all the revenue due to the practice is collected. Mark J Burger CPA has worked with numerous organizations establishing procedures and controls to assist physicians with managing their practices. In addition, knowledge of various local organizations, allows Mark J Burger CPA to direct clients to training grants focused on hiring and training employees.

Business Benchmarking Analysis
Understanding where you are is the first place allows benchmarks to be set that measure the progress of changes. Benchmarking key items in a business can provide valuable information. Mark J Burger CPA has the experience to understand what to look at and to develop a scorecard for you and your business. We know from experience that when you know your benchmarks and keep score, you change behaviors that generate results.