Technology R&D
As a business involved in the research and development of new technologies, it is invaluable to understand the tax incentives and benefits under the tax code. Mark J Burger CPA can assist with the gathering of the relevant information and give honest advice to obtain the most tax incentives and benefits to any qualifying business.

Internet Based Businesses
As the states continue to look for revenue, businesses have to stay informed and ready to react to the changing landscape. Mark J Burger CPA gives quality and honest advice when planning a strategy in regards to multi-state tax exposures.

Entrepreneurial Service
Mark J Burger CPA can help you get your small business up and running through valuable advice and direction. There is essential knowledge and expertise about business structure, financing, operations, and tax strategy that Mark J Burger CPA can provide.

Venture Capital and Financing
Mark J Burger CPA has helped investors evaluate projects as well as helped companies organize the information to inform investors about their project. Mark J Burger CPA has the reputation for honest and attentive diligence providing investors an understanding of the venture, and provide the venture the best chance of gaining investors.

Manufacturing and Distribution
Mark J Burger CPA can be a valuable asset in an industry with many factors impacting the ability to be an effective and efficient manufacturer or distributor. Mark J Burger has the experience to understand tax incentives and operations that can contribute to steady growth and profits.

Real Estate and Development
Dealings with real estate can be time consuming, drawn out, and unnecessarily complex. With an attentive and experienced advisor such as Mark J Burger CPA, the tax and accounting procedures become routine. The business owners can focus on what they do best – operations, development, and sales.

Restaurant and Entertainment
A good restaurant generates a lot of cash and owners need to make sure all of it is accounted for. Mark J Burger CPA has experience within the hospitality industry. Mark J Burger CPA can answer the difficult questions facing a business with a honest response backed by years of experience.

Wholesale and Retail Sales
When embarking on a retail or wholesale venture an owner may have many questions about bookkeeping, cost analysis, inventory, and taxation. Mark J Burger CPA understands the quick changing and complex nature of the wholesale and retail industries. The experience and value Mark J Burger CPA can offer can be a crucial asset to any individual or family business.

Family Businesses
Mark J Burger CPA, shares in the values of experience and honesty within family businesses. Keeping track of assets, establishing budgets, managing staff, working with advisors, establishment of short-term and long-term goals, accounting systems, successions planning, and compliance with federal, state and local taxing authority are just some of the services Mark J Burger CPA provides to all types of family businesses (Partnerships, LLC, S. Corporations, and Corporations.)

Federal and State Tax Compliance and Planning
When it comes to taxes, Mark J Burger CPA is a valuable asset that understands the “ins” and “outs” of the complicated tax code, tax planning, and gifting strategies. Unfortunately, sometimes representation before the IRS and State authorities may be necessary. Mark J Burger CPA has had favorable experience for his clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Acquiring a new business is not possible without the financial direction of a carefully thought out analysis. Mark J Burger CPA provides valuable experience, during due diligence on proposed targets, with input on structures and the transaction process.

Special Projects and Niche Development
Sometimes there is a need for someone with analytical skills to evaluate a project, or aid in the development of projected financial statements and budgets. Mark J Burger CPA has vast experience in business and industry allowing for quality, creative, and valuable solutions.

Business Accounting and Taxation
Understanding how money is spent is the first step to building a stable financial future and increasing value. Mark J Burger CPA aids in the gathering, organizing, budget establishment, financial management, and creation of benchmarks to help achieve goals.

Wealth Accumulation and Transfer Planning
Accumulating wealth does not just happen. Mark J Burger CPA helps to devise a plan using accurate information and an honest opinion to make the decisions to increase value. If the accumulation is achieved through family wealth transfers, care has to be used to minimize the federal and state tax exposures.

Estate / Trust Accounting and Taxation
Trusts and estates have unique rules on accounting and taxation that requires a CPA with extensive experience in this area. Mark J Burger CPA has the experience to properly advise you on accounting and the tax impact of decisions.

Cost Segregation Studies
Cost segregation studies can be a valuable tool to defer the payment of taxes and enhance the rate of return on a project. Mark J Burger CPA can preform an honest study based on solid engineering and knowledge of the tax code.

Litigation Support
Legal proceedings are difficult at times and can necessitate the hiring of a CPA to analyze financial disputes and determine values. The experience of Mark J Burger CPA can provide an expert testimony that can make the difference in a case.